LOCATION Los Angeles , CA, USA
AIM misswendigo
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GOAL: Seeking Contract and Freelance work in CG Texturing & Look Development.
16 years professional industry experience in feature films, commercials, animation, video game trailers and 3D design.
  Have successfully produced both photoreal and highly stylized CG work.
  Strong eye for design and lighting/texturing needs with equal technical and artistic abilities.
  Fast learner with a strong knowledge of the VFX pipeline.
  Excellent communication skills.
  Able to work remotely- currently located in Los Angeles.
A52 & Elastic, Santa Monica, CA, 2014-2017 Senior Texture Artist for movie and game trailers, title sequences, animated shorts and commercials.
Wolf & Crow, Los Angeles, CA, 2012-2013 Freelance Texture Artist/Modeler/Lighter for video game trailers, commercials & an independent animated short.
Psyop & Mass Market, Venice, CA, 2008-2014. Freelance Texture Artist/Modeler/Lighter/Look Development Artist for commercials & video game trailers.
The Mill, Los Angeles, CA, 2011. Freelance Texture Artist for commercials and a print ad/billboard campaign.
Gentleman Scholar, Santa Monica, CA, 2011 & 2016. Freelance Texture Artist for commercials.
SDF-1, Santa Monica , CA, 2011. Freelance Modeler/Lighter for commercials.
The Core, Venice, CA, 2010. Freelance Modeler/Texture Artist for company show reel.
The Ant Farm, LA , CA, 2008. Freelance Modeler/Texture Artist for video game trailer.
Deva, Venice, CA, 2008. Freelance Modeler/Texture Artist for several commercials.
Buck, Los Angeles, 2008. Freelance Modeler/Texture Artist for several commercials.
LN & W/Andrew Zuckerman Studio, NYC/CA, 2007.
Freelance CG generalist/3D designer for character and environmental prop based advertisements.
Luma Pictures, Venice , CA, 2003-2007.
CG generalist specializing in modeling, texturing, matte painting and compositing on 20 plus feature films, 2 commercial spots and 1 independent animation.
Eyebeam Atelier, Moving Image Division, Brooklyn, NY, 2001-2002.
3D generalist and lead compositor for short animation appearing in an international artist installation/exhibition.
  Participated in the Production Fellowship Program working on self directed 3D short animation.
  Video editor for Eyebeam's promotional videos.
School of Visual Arts, Computer Art Department, New York, NY, 1999-2001.
-Lab Assistant in Mac and PC departments responsible for troubleshooting hardware and software problems.
  -Teaching Assistant for seven freshman foundation computer art classes.
The Graphic Edge, Emerson, NJ, 1998.
Freelance digital (2D) artist for magazine layout design.
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.
BFA in Computer Art: Digital Effects/3D Animation
  Graduated 2001 with Highest Honors Rhodes Family Award. GPA: 3.8
Maya, Mari, Mudbox, V-Ray, Arnold, Shave & a Haircut, Nuke, Photoshop
  -Mac and PC platforms
ADDITIONAL ART SKILLS: Character design, painting, puppet sculpting and stop-motion animation
Marvel Avengers E3 & Comic-Con/video game trailers 2012 (Texture Artist, Modeler, Lighter)
Planters/"Men's Health: THE TEAM" 2012 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Look Dev)
Chevy/"Joyride" superbowl spot 2012 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Look Dev)
Hot Wheels/2011 (Texture Artist)
Hershey's/2011 (Modeler)
Ghost Recon/video game teaser trailer 2011 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Coca Cola/"Happiness Factory" 2011 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Look Dev)
U.S Cellular/ 2011 (Modeler)
Best Buy/"Saving Christmas" 2010 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Air Force/2010 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
XBOX Fable III/video game trailer 2010 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Lipton/"The Bright Side" 2010 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighter)
Visa/"Toy Story 3" 2010 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Koolaid/2010 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighter)
VIZIO/2010 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighter)
Census/2009 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighter)
NBA 2k10/video game trailer 2009 (Texture Artist, Lighter)
Air Force/2009 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Nissan/2009 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Coke/"Heist" *Emmy award winning* superbowl spot 2008-2009 (Texture Artist, Look Dev)
GM/2008 (Modeler)
Marc Ecko/2008 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Valentino/2006 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Nike Basketball/2005 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Love in the Time of Advertising/2013 (Texture Artist, Modeler)
No Country for Old Men/2007 (Digital Matte Painter, Compositor)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End/2007 (Digital Matte Painter)
Hostel: Part II/2007 (Digital Matte Painter, Compositor)
Tortilla Heaven/2007 (Digital Matte Painter)
Primeval/2007 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Digital Matte Painter, Compositor)
Apocalypto/2006 (Digital Matte Painter)
The Holiday/2006 (Digital Matte Painter)
The Covenant/2006 (Modeler, Digital Matte Painter)
Zoom/2006 (Designer, Modeler, Compositor)
Silent Hill/2006 (Digital Matte Painter, Modeler, Texture Artist)
Underworld: Evolution/2006 (Digital Matte Painter, Modeler, Texture Artist, Compositor)
Into the Blue/2005 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Cursed/2005 (Digital Matte Painter, Compositor)
The Cave/2005 (Texture Artist, Digital Matte Painter)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow/2004 (Texture Artist)
Ray/2004 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
Wicker Park/2004 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Digital Matte Painter)
Underworld/2003 (Digital Matte Painter)
The Human Stain/2003 (Modeler, Texture Artist)
E-BAY "When it's on your Mind" holiday advertising campaign 2011: props, environments, products, etc. /3D modeling and 2D matte painting (Modeler, Texture Artist, Matte Painter)
PUMA advertisements featuring CG characters, props and environments [including creation of the holiday G1ft-bot-2007 CG robot] /2007 (Modeler, Texture Artist, Designer, Lighter, Rigger)
PUBLISHED/FEATURED: 2 Puma ads published in "Graphis Annual 2008" (08)
  CG characters and props featured in international advertisements, magazines, postcards and in-store displays for Puma (07)
  Work on feature films appearing in movie theaters worldwide (03-07)
  Matte Painting for Underworld featured in digital art magazine Digit within article about Luma Pictures (03)
  Featured in Italian art magazine Tema Celeste for work with Eyebeam and international artist, Mariko Mori (02)
  Panelist in Artist Eye View Lecture Series as part of Eyebeam Atelier’s "Beta Launch" exhibition, NYC (02)
  CG animated (self directed) short, Seams, featured in Eyebeam’s Exhibition, "Beta Launch: Artists in Residence ‘02, NYC " (02)
  Chosen [as singular] artist to receive front showcase gallery window for (School of Visual Arts) BFA Computer Art Department's month-long final Thesis exhibition (01)
  Chosen [as singular] artist to have CG design featured on (School of Visual Arts) BFA Computer Art Department's Exhibition Invitation (01)